EFF will ensure Gauteng serves the poor – Mpofu

By Drum Digital
24 April 2014

EFF candidate for premier in Gauteng, Dali Mpofu says when elected they will launch a provincial land audit and report to residents within 100 days.

An EFF-led government in Gauteng will launch its own provincial land audit and report to residents within 100 days on past failures, the party's candidate for premier Dali Mpofu said on Thursday. "A EFF government will report findings on why the ANC [African National Congress] has failed to audit land in a... small province like Gauteng," he told reporters in Johannesburg.

"Within the first 100 days, the EFF Gauteng government will identify land for expropriation and equal distribution."

Mpofu set out the Economic Freedom Fighters' blueprint for the province titled "Formula 777". It outlines the seven pillars the party was founded on -- seven values and priorities for the first 100 days in office.

A preliminary analysis would be completed within the set timeframe, of urban land that could be expropriated for the development of communities closer to job opportunities.

"The apartheid legacy of spatially excluding black entrepreneurs is something that could have been reversed within 20 years with planning and willpower. An EFF Gauteng government will show urgency that has been lacking," he said.

Mpofu added that his government would determine the value of the mineral resources remaining in Gauteng, as well as future costs to the environment caused by mining.

"Together these two monetary values, the [natural] asset and the liability [to the environment] will constitute the share that the state should have in mining companies," said Mpofu.

This would form part of preparations for the nationalisation of mines.

Mpofu said Gauteng was a province of plenty, but its wealth did not benefit the majority of residents.

"Under an EFF government, Gauteng will cease to be a province that serves the few. It will be a province which looks after its poor, its most vulnerable, those who have been marginalised and forgotten, the voiceless," he said.

The EFF would hit the ground running should it win the province. Mpofu added that heads would start to roll should the 100-day plan not be effectively implemented. Members of the executive council would be recalled should they fail in their duties.


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