Elections 2014: Elderly citizens cast votes

By Drum Digital
07 May 2014

Hundred-and-nine-year old Mama Elisa Dlamini cast her vote on Wednesday joining millions of South Africans in the fifth free and fair election.

Hundred-and-nine-year old Mama Elisa Dlamini and her neighbour Mama Evelyn Mzolo (84) cast their votes at Sehopotso Secondary School in Sebokeng, south of Joburg, joining millions of South Africans heading for the national and provincial polls today.

Voting stations in the Vaal region were up and running from 07h00 and the only delay reported by residents was at Lesabasaba Primary School in Zone 13, Sebokeng where scores of residents had to wait for Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials to arrive after the scheduled time.

Mama Elisa was picked up by a Toyota Quantum from her home and taken to her voting station barely a kilometre away where she joined Mama Evelyn to vote.

Upon arrival, the elderly citizens were attended to by the presiding officer Mothobisi Nkitsing who put them in front of the line.

Accompanied by Tshosa Masilo, a resident who helped the old women to find their way into the voting station, the two old and frail voters came out of the voting station all smiles.

“I’m happy I’ve voted once again and if God allows me another chance, I will come to vote,” said Mama Elisa.

Mama Evelyn had a few words of advice for young people who had not turned up in large numbers to vote at the polling station.“They must vote, it’s not only their right but also their responsibility,” she said. - by Thato Mokubung

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