Elle is just blooming!

By Drum Digital
01 September 2010

THERE’S something different about the young woman examining the spring flowers at the garden centre. For starters, her figure is somewhat fuller and her hairstyle has changed – but the real change is in the glow she radiates.

It tells of happiness and contentment, emotions that eluded Lebo Elle Tisanewhen we spoke to her a couple of years ago. Then she had just gone through a traumatic break-up with kwaito bad boy Brickz (He showed me no respect, 30 August 2007) and was trying to put it behind her and move on with her life. Which she has since managed to do – and how!Elle is far from the cheated-on young woman she was then. Today she’s happily married, a new mother to an adorable baby girl, a budding businesswoman, a successful singer and a popular TV star.

What’s more, although she has no problem with being called Elle, she has reverted to her birth name of Lebo Tisane. “Elle is still the name lots of people know me by – I became Elle when I started out as an R&B singer because there were so many Lebos out there and I wanted to stand out,” she explains. “Although I’m officially Lebo Ragimana now that I’m married, I’m Lebo Tisane in the industry – but you can call me Elle if you want to.”

Her husband is Praise Ragimana, son of a prestigious Venda family. His dad is Pastor Masole Ragimana, a pillar of the Venda community and a highly respected preacher.

Elle (27) admits she was a little nervous about meeting his family for the first time. “But they are beautiful people; really amazing,” she gushes. “I get on so well with his dad, and his mom and I are like best friends. I’ve even named my daughter, Matshidiso, after her. Praise’s whole family welcomed me with open arms.”

Little Matshidiso – or Tshidi, as Elle calls her – was born on 24 July and is her mother’s pride and joy. It doesn’t take much for Elle to whip out her BlackBerry and show pictures of the downy-haired tot to anyone who happens to be around.

She’s a very good little baby, the proud mama says. “She’s a cutie – and so clever! I know all moms think their child is amazing but mine really is!” Praise is just as smitten with the new addition to the family, who, small though she is, dominates life at their home in Radiokop, west of Jozi.

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