'Embarrassed' Azapo youth calls for party makeover

By Drum Digital
10 May 2014

Azapo's youth said it was embarrassed by the outcome of its party's election results on Saturday.

"Azapo Youth expresses its deepest sadness and embarrassment after AZAPO could not secure even a percent in the 2014 general election," said youth president Amukelani Ngobeni.

Provincial results on Saturday afternoon showed the party received 20,421 votes at national level -- 0.11 percent of the poll.

In 2009 it was 38,245 and 0.2 percent.

The leadership should take it as a "wake up call" and consider strategic planning sessions for the future and possibly reinvent the party with repackaged messages which are more attractive to people.

"As the youth we cannot afford to helplessly watch this great movement of the people go up in smoke," he said.

The youth wing still believed the philosphy of Black Consciousness and Scientific Socialism was relevant and could bring economic transformation.

Ngobeni congratulated the African National Congress on its victory after provisional results show the party got 62.15 percent of the vote.

Results are expected to be confirmed at a press conference at 6pm. - Sapa

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