Emotional affairs are they real?

By Drum Digital
03 February 2014

Emotional affairs, like all affairs, are increasing because of the social context in which we live.

An emotional affair has three features:

  • Secrecy, either about the existence of a friendship, or the interactions that take place.
  • Physical chemistry and attraction.
  • When the friend knows more about your primary relationship than you know about this friendship.

We spend a lot of our time at work with colleagues, we travel away from home and we have mobile phones, messenger applications, social media and emails. We have individual friendships.

Talk to your partner about your concerns.

Although you are bound to feel hurt, listen to what your partner is saying and take comfort from the fact that they stepped back from the brink of a combined affair and showed sufficient investment in your relationship to be honest about it.

As with all affairs, try to see this as a joint opportunity to find out why it happened.

- Source: relate.org

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