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By Drum Digital
07 January 2014

You’ve heard about padded bras for women– but what about padded underwear to enhance your booty?

You’ve heard about padded bras for women– but what about padded  underwear to enhance your booty?

For the first time in years popular culture has welcomed the sight of a round, peachy bottom coupled with curvaceous hips.

This is great news for curvaceous ladies,  but not everyone has the natural curves to fill out that tight-fitting cocktail dress.

On one of her trips to China, clothing buyer Patience Zwane (40) stumbled across a gold mine – the solution to isishwapha (flat behinds).

It’s a full bodysuit and panties with padding in the bum area – the padded underwear was made especially for women who want to accentuate their curves and bottoms. “I’ve always had a flat bum, and when I saw that underwear

I bought a pair for myself,” says Patience.

“After wearing it and seeing how firm, round and peachy my bum looked with a pair on, I decided to buy a few more pairs to sell.”

On her second trip abroad, Patience custom designed her own padded  underwear.

“I designed different colours, patterns and sizes,” she says. “Some are just for the bum and others have padding all around to enhance your hips and trim your waist.”

For anyone who’s wondered what Destiny’s Child meant when they sang, “My body’s too bootylicious for you babe” – wonder no more. Contact patiencett73@gmail.com

-          Emma Lewela

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