Even if I am with my kids at Makro there are people following me- Makhosi Khoza

By Molife Kumona
25 July 2017

Johannesburg - African National Congress MP Makhosi Khoza is mulling over whether she should accept Parliament's protection unit, she told News24 on Tuesday.

Khoza has been the subject of threats and intimidation after she started speaking out on the state of the ANC and its president, Jacob Zuma.

"I have to meet with the guys that provide me private security at the moment. I have to be extra careful about what sort of level of security I take," she said.

"I also stay at other people's homes and I don't want to tamper with their privacy. Some people may not appreciate state security."

Khoza told News24 that she has been staying with friends because she fears of her life.

Issues of trust

She said there were issues of trust in her accepting Parliament's protection unit.

"There are also issues of trust. I don't want to expose other people that are supporting me. I am meeting with the guys providing private security currently and we shall find a way," she said.

Khoza, who hails from KwaZulu-Natal, had earlier said that she decided, after receiving death threats, that she would not "die silently".

In a previous Facebook post, she criticised Zuma and called on him to step down.

Khoza said after meeting with her lawyers and the private security company, she will accept Parliament's protection on condition that the protection is provided for when she goes to volatile KwaZulu-Natal and in Cape Town at Acacia Park Parliamentary Village, where MPs reside.

She preferred to be protected by private security in other areas around the country.

"Those are two places I feel vulnerable. In Johannesburg, I have volunteers that are protecting me. The situation in KwaZulu-Natal is more dangerous."

Private security

She said she last visited her home in KwaZulu-Natal before Parliament took its recess.

"Normally, I'm supposed to be going to KwaZulu-Natal every weekend but I haven't been there because all sorts of strange things have been happening when I am there. I am justified to have more fears when I am in that province. They seem to know where I am, even if I am with my kids at Makro there are people following me."

However, in Cape Town she said there had been no stalking so far.

Parliamentary spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said representatives of Parliament and the police met with Khoza on Friday, regarding the security arrangements made for her.

"Parliament and SAPS last week decided to provide Dr Khoza with the necessary support following a security assessment conducted after threats reportedly made on her life.

"Ms Khoza indicated on Friday that she would first consult with her family and revert with a decision by the end of last weekend."

Mothapo said both Parliament and police are still awaiting for Khoza's decision.

"Parliament wishes to states that all security arrangements regarding Khoza are ready for activation as soon as she indicates acceptance of the support," he said.

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