Ex-congregants sue "fake prophet" for failing to deliver on promises of blessings

By Drum Digital
24 August 2015

Eight women have accused Prophet Mattias Makwara of extorting money from them in exchange for promises of blessings.

Two weeks cannot go by without a scandal or two involving church leadership, specifically “the man of God”.

The recent one is of eight former congregants and their pastor from Spirit Movement Ministries in Alberton.

According to a report by Sunday World, the eight women have accused Prophet Mattias Makwara of extorting money from them in exchange for promises of blessings. They want the prophet to pay back approximately R1 million and bring back a pulpit, TV set, power generator, DVD player, chairs, DStv decoder, carpet, sound system and an iPad, amongst other things.

The women have enlisted the services of DMO Incorporated Attorneys to help them get back what’s rightfully theirs.

After a failed protest by the women three weeks ago at the church premises, it is reported that Makwara has since then obtained a protection order against them.

"Makwara must just pay back the money he borrowed from the congregants. He is targeting a certain type of people that he believes are rich. He will come to your home and pray, saying he is giving you blessings but then you have to pay for them," said Norma Mbali on behalf of the women.

The report further states that according to the former congregants, the church is equipped with a speed point and a consultation with the prophet to discuss personal or spiritual matters costs a lot.

"A single consultation with the prophet costs R1000. In the follow-up consultations you are required to pay the same amount. Reading a scripture costs R1000 for false blessings," said Lindi Madida.

In his defense, the prophet said it was a personal vendetta because he had refused to have sex with some of the complainants.

"I never killed or destroyed anybody. But if they feel they want to destroy me so be it. Have I made people eat snakes, eat grass or jump on top of people? What wrong have I done? For the record these women never spoke to one another before. I cannot say they were enemies but they were not friends. They love drinking wine and they get drunk. Some of them wanted to sleep with me. They have labelled me as a false prophet and have colluded for the same purpose," said Makwara.

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