Ex-EFF MP unveils new movement's logo

By Drum Digital
31 August 2015

Expelled EFF MP Andile Mngxitama has unveiled the emblem for the new movement Black First Land First (BLF) after its first national convention was concluded on Sunday

, according to his Twitter feed.

The emblem is a combination of a clenched fist and the Sankofa bird, both of which are associated with the Black Consciousness movement globally.

Mngxitama was expelled from the Economic Freedom Fighters in April after alleging financial irregularities in the three-year-old party, which took 6% of the vote in the last elections.

In an article in City Press earlier in August, he explained that politicians, including the EFF, did not put black people and their need for land first.

The BLF's ideals include a non-negotiable minimum wage of R12 500, that all MPs and public servants use public services, and that all squatter camps be eradicated in five years.

It aims to unite black people against oppression and to get land back to black people by any means necessary.

Some on Twitter wished the movement well, such as @JabuKhuluse who tweeted: ''@Mngxitama @Black1stLand1st goodluck with your movement Andile.... '' while @VoteEFFSC tweeted: ''We must put on record that Andile's new movement or organization or choir doesn't constitute any form of threat to the EFF''.


On Friday, Africa Check released a fact check it had done on statistical claims made by Mngxitama.

- When Mngxitama wrote last year that “about 40 000 white families own up to 80% of our land”, Africa Check found the statement was incorrect and not supported by any survey or data;

- His claim that more than 45% of black people are unemployed compared with only 5% of white people was ''in the right ballpark'' with a StatsSA finding that in the second quarter of this year 39% of black African people were unemployed, according to the broad definition, compared to 8.3% of white people;

- His claim that white families earn six times more than what black families earn was also ''in the right ballpark'';

- His claim that on average a black family comprises six people compared with a white family of three people is incorrect according to Africa Check which found that according to the 2011 census, the average black African household included 3.9 people compared with an average white household was comprised of 2.8 people. The average coloured and Indian household were the largest, with 4.3 people and 4 people respectively.

- The claim that whites are only 10% of the economically active population but occupy more than 60% of the top management positions was also ''in the right ballpark'' with Africa Check finding that 70% of top management level positions were held by white people, with 13.6% held by black African people. Coloured and Indian people held 4.7% and 8.4% respectively.

Source: News24

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