EXCLUSIVE: All the deets on Lockdown Season 2

By Molife Kumona
22 March 2017

We just wanted to blow South Africa away - Black Brain Pictures

Its raw, real and edgy and that's the reason Mzansi can't get enough of Mzansi Magic series Lockdown. Last week DRUM broke the news that Lockdown Season two is on its way, so we chatted to the show's executive producer Tumi Masemola on what to expect from the new season.

Tumi Masomela Tumi Masomela

So season two? After a successful season one, feeling any pressure?

Not pressure but energized. Season two is going to be crazy. Its picking up from the horrific and dark stories we had in the first season. And Sharon will finally pay for her sins.

Did you expect the show to be such a hit when you were creating it?

We just wanted to blow South Africa away, and it seems we have done that, and we are very happy and humbled by the response we have been getting.

What has been the most interesting response to the show for you?

Well we have legendary actors who have not been on TV in a while coming on to season too. This came about after they saw the show then called us and said they want to be part of the show. So next season we will see some of our good old soapie villians who haven't been on our scenes in a while coming onto Lockdown. Its going to be epic.

What's the planning process for such a show?

We meet with officials from correctional facilities and talk about the rights of prisoners as well as what the prison system is like, so that we tell an authentic story. That was our goal from the beginning to tell a real story. Mandla (Co-creator) and I called our family and friends who had been to jail and we got to understand their stories as part of research for the show.

That authenticity is the reason we had an open audition so that we could also get a wide pull of actors to represent the diversity you find in prisons.

Why a female prison series?

The journey started three years ago when Mandla and I were on our couch watching Australian series Prison Cell Block 8 and we thought how much we missed such type of TV. And that moment Lockdown was born, of course it took a long time to get to the final product but that's where it all began, on a couch in our home.

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