Exclusive: ‘I married my best friend’

By Molife Kumona
31 August 2016

Zakes and I went for many sessions of marriage counselling before tying the knot.

Media personality Nandi Madida is proof that women can have it all.

The newlywed mom-to-be chats exclusively to DRUM about her marriage, family and impending motherhood.

Nandi, who married musician Zakes Bantwini earlier this year, says she and her spouse took marriage counselling sessions before they said “I do”.

“ Those sessions were very insightful into what married life is like, and also preparing to make that transition from being someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend to becoming someone’s husband or wife. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of embarking on the journey of marriage," Nandi tells us.

When they married, many people were surprised but Nandi says she and Zakes had always known they wanted to spend their lives together. The fashion designer/musician says the added benefit is how happy her parents are for them and how they adore Zakes.

“My mom and dad are obsessed with my husband,” she gushes. “They love him and see him as their son. They are happy for us as a couple. I am so grateful our families love each other. Thank God because I have heard stories of some families who don’t get along, and that makes stuff hard for the couple.”

Despite everything going on in her life, including a new show on BET called The A-list, her clothing line Colour and being a new wife, Nandi says her biggest project right now is becoming a mom.

“This is my biggest project so far. I am excited and looking forward to it,” she adds.

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