Exclusive: Joburg’s new mayor is on a mission to jail corrupt officials

By Drum Digital
01 September 2016

Herman Mashaba has just been sworn into office as the new Mayor of Johannesburg and top of his list is to rid the city of corruption.

“People found guilty of corruption won’t just be suspended or fired- they’ll be locked up,” he says.

Mashaba tells DRUM that he had a bumpy start to his first day as mayor because he walked straight into a meeting with sour-faced senior members of the ANC before he knew where his office was.

“You couldn’t expect them to be happy so it was a nightmare. But overall, the experience was enriching,” he laughs.

He’s a down-to-earth guy, and says titles don’t faze him because his main focus is the job at hand.

When you meet him, don’t call him “Mr Mayor” because the title embarrasses him.

“Mr Mashaba or even Bra Herman will do. If you’re not careful, titles can go to your head and you can lose focus,” he adds.

A true capitalist at heart, he says the best way to develop the economy is to create employment which opens the gate way to better services.

“The best way to get money is for more people to be employed so that they can be taxed. That’s why I love the capitalist system,” he says.

Mashaba opens up his home to DRUM and tells us more about his vision for Johannesburg, his love for whiskey and everything in-between.

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