EXCLUSIVE: Nomzamo Mbatha opens up about new gigs, being humbled and more

By Molife Kumona
05 July 2017

One never knows what the future my hold- Nomzamo

Fresh from hosting the international BET awards and Essence Music Festival, actress and TV personality Nomzamo Mbatha chatted exclusively to DRUM about her new gig: brand advocate for international cosmetics company L’Oreal, as well as her recent hosting gigs.

How was the experience of hosting two big events in the USA?

It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. The reception and treatment I received from both BET and Essence showed me the importance of always staying true to yourself and being present in the moment.

What did that do for you, and where do you see yourself as an entertainer?

Both occasions afforded me the opportunity to view myself as an outsider looking in. The BET Africa team were such a great inspiration in how they guided me in the process. In the same breath the experience allowed me to explore my different talents to their fullest potential, without restricting myself to one category.

You’ve been wearing African prints since before you were famous, mixing tradition with a more modern style. Was that intentional or it’s just who you are? What do you think that has done for other African girls who are looking up to you?

It is innate. I hope those who I inspire take away the fact that, when you stay true to who you are, others will embrace you for that. My fashion is not to standout and draw attention, but rather to present the most confident side of me at that moment.

Can you tell me of a moment during the past two weeks when you were either nervous or the most proud and why?

Usually I am nervous, but this time, I was overcome with peace beyond my very own understanding and a confidence that I never knew I possessed.

You were just announced as the brand advocate for L’Oreal, what does this mean to you and your brand?

It’s incredible and comforting to know that corporate brands understand the voice that I put out and represent. I am excited for the partnership and it came at the right time.

In the past few years you have grown in your craft as well as your reach, what do you attribute all this to?

Investing in great management, putting in the hours of hard work, even when it’s most difficult and of course have a great support system in the form of my family.

Will we ever see you leave SA and try out living in the US or elsewhere?

One never knows what the future my hold . . . Right now, am staying true to my commitments with the various professional engagements I have undertaken.

Lastly, for that young girl seated at home or at school looking from afar at your life and wishing whatever career they choose they will  do as well as you are doing, what’s your advice to them?

To always remain true to themselves and knowing the power of prayer. Don’t ever leave God behind in your blessings . . .

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