EXCLUSIVE: SK Sekoati finds love again

By Drum Digital
25 May 2017

I am so happy- SK Sekoati

When actor and singer SK Sekoati left Johannesburg for Cape Town in 2012, his life was marred by drama and scandal after his break-up from Zoleka Mandela and the death of their son, Zenawe. DRUM caught up with the star to talk about his new role on the SABC2 TV series Swartwater, his upcoming wedding, his daughter Mpho and his reuniting with his first love.

You’re back! What’s going on?

Yes, ‘m back. I was away for say two-and-a-half years but I returned [to screen] last year, did a few cameos and now I’m in a big role on Swartwater.

Why did you leave Joburg for Cape Town?

I wanted to just start over and gather myself. I was involved in too much drama and also my break-up and my son's death took a toll on me.

After you moved to Cape Town you worked in the corporate industry as a creative director at an advertising agency, what was the change like?

I had a great job at Mad Advertising and I enjoyed it, but after a while the artist in me won and I had to come back.

Losing a child is traumatic. How did it affect you?

I went to through all sorts of self-destructive behavior while dealing with Zenawe's death. I did drugs, alcohol, the works.

How did you get out of it?

I left Joburg. I figured I needed to leave the place where my self-destructive behavior started.

You found healing and love in Cape Town . . .

Yes, I found my queen, Faith. We met when I was MC-ing a gig and we’ve been together since. I’m so happy and we have a three-year-old daughter, Mpho.

Was it love at first sight?

Well, it was more like “like” at first sight. We went for drinks on the night we met and we’ve grown since then.

Any plans to get married?

Yes, we’re actually finalising lobola now and we’ll have our wedding next year. Actually, part of my reason for moving back to Jozi was because Faith got promoted at SAA where she works, and the new job was based in Joburg. My heart was longing to get back into acting it too so it all worked out well.

You’re also part of the Man Up campaign, tell us about that.

Yes, I’ve joined the bandwagon to encourage men to get circumcised – it helps prevent diseases and save lives.

Tell us about your personal project.

Well, it’s not much of a project rather a journey. I’m busy working on getting a killer body. I have a personal trainer who used to be a bodybuilder and I’m working out a lot and eating right.

Why the change?

Well, when I worked in corporate in Cape Town I kinda became relaxed. When I got back I realised to compete in the industry I’m in I need to look good, so I’m giving myself until next year for the “big reveal”.

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