EXCLUSIVE: Thembisa on joining TouchHD and the lessons she is learning

By Drum Digital
29 March 2017

I feel vindicated- Thembisa

South Africa’s favorite presenter Thembisa Mdosa is joining Tbo Touch’s TouchHD for a mid-morning show called Let’s Do Lunch. DRUM caught up with Thembisa minutes after the announcement at the launch last night.

So you are now headed to radio?

Yes indeed. I will be hanging with listeners on Let’s Do Lunch on Touch HD, weekdays 11am to 1pm

What can people expect from your show?

They can expect the Thembisa they have come to know, just open and loving. The show will be just about adding value to people’s lives. And have real conversations from stuff about myself, fashion, lifestyle to anything and everything. It’s basically like when friends hangout and have lunch. I am supper excited about it.

Another thing you couldn’t hide your excitement about was your Best Presenter Safta win?

Yes, that is so amazing and such a great thing. What getting that award did was to vindicate me. I had been through so much and sometimes one feels the need to give up, but I didn’t. I kept my eye on the ball.

I hope people will take some kind of inspiration from that. That win and the journey that led to me to that point taught me that; people will say some things to or about you but you must keep the eye on the ball. I kept my eyes on the ball and that’s why these blessings are coming. If all those things said about me were true then God wouldn’t have blessed me. The truth about all those other things will come out. Right now we keep our eyes on God.

Your schedule is pretty busy right now hey?

Yes definitely, but I am absolutely grateful for it. I just finished two movies I was working on and I was also shooting SesTopla and a new comedy I am working on.

That’s great news, you basically you slaying this life this right now?

I am doing my best yes, lol.

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