EXCLUSIVE: This was a breakthrough for me- Boipelo

By Molife Kumona
28 March 2017

This is huge and I wouldn't take it for granted- Boipelo

23-year-old Boipelo Mabe from Alexandra Township in Joburg was one of the firm favorites in the Miss SA 2017 pageant. Each time she walked on the stage at the Sun City Superbowl the crowd got excited and cheered widely. On the night Boipelo was crowned the 2nd princess and even though she didn't get the crown she was gunning for, she tells DRUM she is happy with how far she has come.

DRUM caught up with her yesterday, a day after the crowning for a quick chat.

So how do you feel?

I feel very proud of myself. I am and excited for the future.

Your parents attended the pageant and the after party, what does it mean for you having them here to witness this moment?

This is a big achievement, and not just for me, but for my family and my community Alexandra. This was a breakthrough for everyone who looked up to me and connected with my story. I stand very proud and honored to have represented all those people on this platform.

When you answered the question during the Q&A at the pageant, your answer trended on social media and tagged on people's heartstrings. Where did that answer come from?

Throughout this journey of Miss SA, I knew I had to stay true to myself and my struggles. In that moment I prayed to God to let me be real and to speak of the truth that I have personally experienced. I guess that resonated with many people,hence the response to the answer.

When did you start modelling?

From my teens and in school, that's when my interest in modelling began. It wasn't something I focused on a 100 percent at that time, I did it as a hobby. But now I am definitely focusing on it full time.

Did you expect to get as far as you did in the competition?

Yes I did. I was gunning for the crown. Everything I worked for and I did was to get that crown, and now as much as I didn't get crowned I am happy that I have this opportunity. Its a big door that has opened. South Africa will definitely remember me because I plan on working hard and use this opportunity wisely.

What's next now?

I will use the networking I have done through Miss SA to grow my broadcasting career and as well as continue with my Masters Degree in international relations.

So what do you say to people who say there is no space for beauty pageants anymore and they are outdated?

I entered one because I thought it was relevant for my life. Pageants are relevant, especially given that when you enter them as a contestant you have a plan for what you want to get out of it.Its about using the platform for something meaningful. Beauty pageants are not just about beauty and great bodies but about celebrating women with substance.

Lastnight when you were walking people were cheering your name. How did that feel?

It was so amazing and surreal. It was an empowering moment for me and made me realize that me being there was inspiring others and that is a great thing for me. This is huge and I wouldn't take it for granted.

You are 23 now, 10 years from now?

I want to be a billionare by then. Have an established career in business. I want to be married and have children, and still carry the message that, you can do it.Wherever you come from doesn't determine the success you can be, that is the message I want my life to represent.

All the best with that!

Thank you

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