EXCLUSIVE: Tropika Island Of Treasure’s Bongs Ndima on that win and Zakeeya Patel

By Drum Digital
15 June 2017

I wouldn't change a thing- Bongs

DRUM chats to fitness fanatic, entrepreneur and budding producer  Okay few things 1. My name : Bonginkosi Ndima who was part of the winning team of him and singer NaakMusiq on the recently ended Tropika Island of Treasure show.

How does it feel to be crowned part of the winning team?

It hasn't sunk in so much yet. But we (NaakMusiq and I) are absolutely loving the support we have been getting on social media and in real life. It's overwhelming, which shows that the show was a really big platform and people really watched. It was well received. I am ecstatic and happy and feel like a celebrity already.

How was the feeling like when you found out you had won?

Both of us were emotional about the win, we cried because initially we were far behind  and at some point we thought we were not going to finish. We kept on pushing without giving up, we were overwhelmed, but that just speaks to the fact that underdogs can be number one at the end.

In one episode you were quite annoyed with Zakeeya, which was visible, what was that about and how did you feel after she decided to still give you her points after you had treated her that way?

I felt that Zakeeya's team wanted us to leave from day one. From day one they had an issue with the fact that we were the only team with two men and that was a threat for them. When they apologized I hadn't forgotten about what I felt their intention was so that's why when they got eliminated and they gave us their points I was emotional and deeply moved. I should have handled things better. I was a bit childish, I should have handled my emotions better.

What do you intend to do with the money?

Well first thing is black tax, I am already getting calls from the uncles and aunts. I want to invest the money into business and shares, I want to save so won't blow all of it.

If you had to do the show again what would you do differently?

I wouldn't do anything differently, it was always good to be underdogs, that way people never felt threatened.

What did working with Naak on the show teach you?

I learned to listen more and also learnt to be patient with each other. I also learned that hard work pays off through him as well.

How did you guys celebrate the win?

Haven't celebrated yet, but when I do it will be with my family in Eshowe in KZN.

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