Experimenting with hair colour

By Drum Digital
04 July 2014

How to go about getting the perfect hair colour as part of your new look.

A lot of us are scared to dye our hair a different colour from the one that we were born with. Sometimes it isn’t because you’re scared to look different but because you have seen how others have gotten it all wrong. But remember, change is as good as a holiday.

Before you take that colour leap:

  • Tell your most honest friend about your intentions

-          At this point you should have made up your mind so they help you look for a colour that suits you best and not deter you from the entire exercise

  • Decide on a colour before you decide on a shade

-   Many hair shops sell wigs, try some of them on and choose a colour that suits your complexion the best

  • The lightest shade is not always the best option

-          Not everyone can pull anything off like Rihanna can. The bright reds and the blinding blondes are strictly for the brave!

-          Go a shade or two after the lightest option you have and take it up a notch the next time you want to change your hair colour (excerpt)

  • Do not stick to the same colour

-          Once you have tried a certain colour, go on to another palette and keep changing to keep things interesting

  • Go to a professional the first time you try

-          Doing it at home will more than likely lead to a disaster, the hairdresser always knows best

  • Most importantly, take care of your hair

-          Dying your hair doesn’t mean that you should neglect it. Moisturise, wash and treat it to avoid breakage or hair loss.

By: Rego Mamogale

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