Experts reveal secret to top-achieving kids

By Drum Digital
14 July 2015

Psychologists say there’s another factor that contributes to children’s success – driven parents.

In 2008 scientists already alleged it takes 10 000 hours’ dedicated practice before you can became an expert in any field – be it an academic subject or sport.

Now psychologists say there’s another factor that contributes to children’s success – driven parents.

After studying 24 highly gifted children in America who’d excelled at the highest level nationally or internationally in among others chess, music, spelling and sport, experts at the University of Nebraska found many of these children’s parents were hard working and dedicated their lives to ensuring their children’s success.

“Researchers found parents who had mortgaged their homes, given up their jobs or liquidated their retirement accounts, among other sacrifices, to nurture their children's talents,” one of the psychologists told Science Daily.

But not all parents can afford the time and expense to hone their children’s talents but fortunately there are affordable ways to help your children reach their full potential.

The researchers found among others that the parents of successful children:

  • Spot their children’s talents at an early age and start encouraging them while they’re still young. One child for instance started ice-skating at the age of two.
  • Motivate their children by reminding them that sport or cultural activities are a privilege and many other kids don’t have similar opportunities.
  • Are often closely involved in their children’s training and coaching.
  • Experts say any parent who wants their child to do well, even if they aren’t would-be super-stars, can benefit from the advice to get involved, spot talent at an early age and motivate and support their children.


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