Facebook is acting up today

By Drum Digital
21 October 2013

It's not just you - more than 1.2 billion people currently on Facebook cannot post status update.

Facebook users from India and Romania have confirmed that Facebook services seem to be down globally. Users have noticed that they are unable to post any updates on Facebook using both the PC and the mobile app. There's still no word on the reasons behind the downtime but there's a good chance services should return to normal soon, as they have in the past. As should be expected in social media, some people took to other social platforms to make jokes of the situation.

-Rob Johnston ?@RobOnTheRun

#Facebook down?!! How will the girl who didn't talk to me in high school flood my news feed with pics of her 4th daughter's beauty pageant?!

-Janet M. Kennedy ?@jkennedy93

World-wide productivity increases with Facebook status updates unavailable! #Facebook #I'mmissingout

-Death Star PR ?@DeathStarPR Some people get more upset by the fact that #Facebook is down than they would be hearing that the Death Star was on its way. -Justin Lear ?@CNNJustin I sure hope #Facebook's technical difficulties are fixed by 6pm, I want to be able to post photos of my dinner. -Sandile Saider Nobhala Puti Guys, be informed that FB is acting up today. Its not your PC, phone, network or the ANC. Its Mark zukenburg.

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