Facts to prove Oscar killed Reeva

By Drum Digital
21 February 2014

Thirteen facts which the State apparently believes will prove that Oscar Pistorius murdered his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp were leaked to the media.

Eyewitness News on Friday published the key facts, which emerged following an application to the State by the defence team for further particulars in the case. eNCA also reported on the details.

The facts are:

- Evidence from a neighbour who stated she heard what she thought was arguing in the early hours of 14 February 2013.

- Testimony from two witnesses who heard a woman scream before shots were fired.

- Testimony from another two witnesses who heard shots followed by a woman's screams, and then further shots.

- An analysis of Pistorius's website browsing during the evening, which the State believes is in contrast to that of a loving couple spending time together.

- Analysis of the shots fired through the bathroom door, which indicate intention to kill the person behind the door.

- Evidence relating to the position and condition of the gun in the bathroom.

- Pistorius's own statement that he shot through the door without ascertaining who was behind the door.

- The fact that Steenkamp was clothed when she was shot.

- The fact that Steenkamp was standing up and facing the door when she was shot.

- Post-mortem result indicating Steenkamp had something to eat hours before being killed.

- The presence of cellphones in the bathroom is apparently in contrast to her innocently going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

- Pistorius breaking down the toilet door, and the way in which he did it.

- Pistorius's version of events is "not reasonably possibly true", and the facts will prove murder with direct intent, says the prosecution.

- News24

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