Family Day 1/4

By Drum Digital
06 October 2013

Illustration: Caine Swanson PRECIOUS hated waking up early on a Saturday morning. If anything, she looked forward to the extra hour or two in bed when she could laze around and pretend the madness and mayhem just beyond her bedroom door didn't exist. No such luck today! She threw back the covers and got out of bed. She quickly showered and dressed in blue jeans, takkies and a stylish T-shirt. Then she put on her apron. Shoulders squared and with a recipe book under her arm, she marched out of her room and into the chaos.

Ayanda was chasing Lebo down the passage, her gown flapping wildly behind her. Lebo happily raced around the corner, his mother hot on his heels. She could hear Gogo trying to sing in tune to the radio.

Gogo loved music ? she listened to it everywhere . . . in the car, at home, at the mall.

She said it made her feel young and kept her healthy.

Precious headed for the kitchen.

??Morning Gogo,'' she called.

??Morning, baby. Breakfast's ready.''

??Nothing for me. I've got to start baking,'' she told Gogo.

??Eish, you young people! Breakfast is important, baby. If you don't eat, you won't grow,'' Gogo said.

Precious laughed. ??In case you haven't noticed, I'm all grown-up!''

Gogo grunted. At 26, Precious was all grown-up ? a vibrant young woman, easygoing but a little shy.

When Precious and Ayanda's parents were killed in a car accident a few years ago, the responsibility of raising two orphaned girls fell on Gogo's shoulders. And she didn't shirk her duties. Over the years she had becomemother, father and friend to the pairand they loved her very much.

Ayanda walked into the kitchen followed by a now-calm Lebo. Precious looked at her sister as Lebo sat down at the table and started eating his cereal. Ayanda rolled her eyes as if to say, ??Don't ask''. Ayanda was 29 and a single mother to six-year-old Lebo. Her boyfriend, Bongani, was a real loser who had used her. Although Precious had warned her many times, Ayanda refused to listen. Then Ayanda fell pregnantand Bongani disappeared from her life, claiming he wasn't ready for a child.

Poor Ayanda was devastated but finally woke up and saw Bongani for what he was.

Gogo and Precious were there to comfort and support her. When she welcomed Lebo into the world, it was with happiness and the knowledge they were better off without

Bongani. Now it was just the four of them ? a crazy, happy family.

Precious had promised to bake cupcakes for Lebo's Family Day at school. The invitation said it was going to be a fun-filled day.

Ja, right, thought Precious. More like noisy, disorganised, messy and boring! It was a school function, after all.

She wasted no time and, with Ayanda's help, she soon had the cupcakes cooling on wire racks. While the pair cleaned up the kitchen, Gogo saw to it that Lebo bathed and dressed. When Ayanda went to get ready, Precious decorated the cupcakes.

Part 1 To be continued...

-by Nafisa Moolla

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