Family Day 2/4

By Drum Digital
07 October 2013

Illustration: Caine Swanson She split the icing in three colours ? pink, purple and blue. Lebo insisted on blue. ??Boys only eat blue cupcakes ? pink's for girls,'' he said.

Finally, Precious put down the last cupcake with a sigh of relief. Why had she offered to bake cupcakes in the first place?

She silently vowed not to be taken in by Lebo's wide-eyed looks and adorable smile again. The kid wielded too much power over her! Just then he came rushing into the kitchen. When he saw the cupcakes, he ran into her arms, kissing her on the cheeks, forehead, neck . . . anywhere his lips could reach.

Precious sighed in defeat. She saw many more victories for Lebo in the years to come. As she swung him around, the

wall clock caught her eye and she realised it was already 9.30 am. Family Day started at 10 am. She quickly went to her room, styled her hair and put on her make-up.

When she finally returned to the kitchen the family was ready to leave, arms laden with boxes of cupcakes.

The trip to school was noisy. Gogo insisted on driving so Ayanda could watch Lebo. Precious kept an eye on the cupcakes.

Gogo put up the music and began singing. Lebo bounced up and down shouting out directions. Ayanda shouted

at Lebo to sit still and stop screaming.

Precious yelled at Ayanda to stop shouting so Gogo could hear her screaming instructions to go slower on the bends.

It was chaos. Gogo took three wrong turns before the car eventually screeched to a stop in the school parking area. They'd finally arrived ? late and a little deaf.

They quickly found their stall and began to set up. Family day was in full swing.

Precious was surprised by the turnout.

She didn't realise school functions were this popular. A large number of stalls lined the pathway and to the left of it kids and parents were playing games. The smell of candyfloss was in the air and tickled Precious ' nose. Hmmm . . . she hadn't eaten candyfloss in a long time, something she intended to do before the day was over. In no time at all they were selling cupcakes. Lebo made a great salesman, calling on passers-by to buy a cupcake. As the day wore on, he alternated between selling cakes and playing with his friends. Ayanda socialised with other parents and helped out where she could. Then Gogo disappearedand Precious wondered if she should be worried.

Gogo was probably chatting to the other grannies. She settled back in her chair, intending to relax and enjoy herself when suddenly a little figure popped into view and startled her.

??Oh!'' she gasped in shock.

??I'm sorry,'' the little girl said, ??I want to buy two cupcakes. A pink one for me and a blue one for my daddy.'' Precious smiled, thinking of Lebo's reasoning that boys only eat blue cupcakes. She turned to the remaining two boxes of cupcakes. There were only pink ones left.

Part 2 To be continued...

-by Nafisa Moolla

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