Family Day 3/4

By Drum Digital
08 October 2013

??We seem to be out of blue, but I'm sure your daddy won't mind a pink cupcake,'' Precious said without turning round. ??You're right, I don't mind,'' came the deep reply. Precious swung around so fast she almost tripped. All she could think

was ??Wow!'' The man standing before her had on blue jeans and a blue T-shirt that clung to every inch of his toned body. His eyes were a rich brown and Precious thought how easily a woman could get lost in them. He smiledand she almost swooned. He looks as if he's just stepped off the cover of a magazine, she thought, letting her eyes roam over his body. Her gaze swung guiltily back to meet his and Precious was mortified. The stranger looked amused. ??I don't mind pink,'' he said again. ??In fact, I think it's quite pretty.'' He was looking at Precious and not the cupcakes.

She suddenly began to feel hot. She busied herself getting the cupcakes, glad for something to do.

??I haven't seen you at school functions before ? are you new here?'' he asked.

??No . . . I mean . . . Yes. This is my first school function but my nephew attends the school,'' she finished lamely.

Precious handed a cupcake to the little girl who happily skipped off to the next stall and gave the other one to her father.

He smiled his thanks to Precious whose mind raced for something smart to say.

Instead, she blurted, ??Where's your wife?''

The handsome stranger started to laugh at Precious' awkwardness.

??I'm sorry . . . I meant . . . that I might know your wife, where is she?'' she asked, not sounding convincing at all.

He didn't buy it either.

??Don't worry about it. But to answer your question, my wife passed away a few years ago. It's just me and Lucy now. Would you like to take a walk with me?'' he asked.

Just then Lebo rushed up with a tale of woe. ??I was by the ponies and Joseph from Grade 2 ? he's bigger than me ? he was making fun of me, so when he turned his back I pulled his pants down and ran away. Please, don't tell Mommy!'' Before Precious could reply, Ayanda marched up with a sullen-looking Gogo.

??Precious, you won't believe what Gogo did! She set up a gambling table at the end of the grounds. Gambling! Here! Can you believe it! Gogo, how could you? Ayanda asked angrily.

Precious wondered if either of them had noticed the handsome stranger standing next to her, or if they even cared. She was all too aware of him, enough to be embarrassed by her family's behaviour.

Ayanda continued, ??And when the principal asked her to stop she told him she was giving the kids a lesson in finance!''

??If people objected, why did I make so much money?'' Gogo asked, waving a fistful of cash in Ayanda's face. This was the last straw for Ayanda.

Part 3 To be continued...

-by Nafisa Molla

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