Family Day 4/4

By Drum Digital
09 October 2013

She launched into a lecture, chastising Gogo who started singing at the top of her voice to drown out Ayanda's voice. Lebo, deciding it was time to tell his mother about his pants-pulling escapade, jumped in. Precious felt humiliated beyond words.

She couldn't imagine what the stranger must think of her and her crazy family.

??Stop, Ayanda, Gogo, please just listen.''

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Desperate to put a stop to the madness, she picked up a cupcake and threw it. The cake hit Ayanda square in the face, stunning everyone into silence. Pink icing covered her right cheek and eye and dripped down her nose. No one moved.

Then all of a sudden there was a burst of laughter everyone turned around to face the source. The handsome man was clutching his sides and howling with merriment. Precious stifled a groan as Ayanda ducked behind Gogo. ??I'm sorry,'' the man said, but didn't sound it. ??I wasn't laughing at you.'' No one looked convinced. He stopped laughing and said, ??My daughter and I have been alone for a couple of years now. Watching your family made me realise just what we're missing.'' He looked at Precious. Gogo and Ayanda snapped to attention, smiling at the stranger. ??Precious, why didn't you introduce us to your friend?'' Gogo said. ??Any friend of Precious' is a friend of the family,'' Ayanda nodded. ??Thank you for including me in your family, Gogo.'' Gogo was embarrassed but thrilled all the same. The man introduced himself as Simon and briefly describe his circumstances to her family. By the time he was finished, he had them eating out of his hand. ??Why don't you two take a walk; Gogo and I will watch the stall for the rest of the day,'' Ayanda suggested.

Before Precious had a chance to protest, Simon steered her into the crowd. She caught Ayanda's wink before her sister

disappeared from view.

By the end of the day the pair were strolling hand in hand, far too caught up in each other to notice anything else.

They took their time visiting the various stalls, talking and laughing. Simon was wonderful ? the way he just accepted her family left Precious amazed. If her family's antics hadn't scared him off, Precious was sure very little would. How different that was from other guys who would flee at the first sign of trouble. In one afternoon, her life shifted gearand for once she was going to enjoy the ride.

The end.

-by Nafisa Moolla

- Illustration by Caine Swanson

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