Family secrets 1/5

By Drum Digital
23 April 2014

Masello had the evidence to prove that her husband was cheating on her – she was sure her marriage was over.

Masello Biyela grabbed a mirror from her purse and gave her reflection one last glance. She did not recognise the woman who stared back at her.  Because of the cotton wool, which she’d stuffed into her cheeks, Masello’s face looked puffed up. Her naturally light  complexion appeared heavily tanned, thanks to too much make-up. As Masello combed her wig, she was satisfied that Sandile wouldn’t identify her.

The BMW she’d hired smelled new. Using her old Rover to spy on her husband would have blown her cover. Masello tapped nervously on the steering wheel with her gloved fingers, and waited for Sandile to finish work. To avoid detection Masello had parked a good 50 metres away from Sandile’s Audi. She glanced repeatedly at her watch, wondering if Sandile would visit his secret family that day. At first Masello had thought of hiring a private investigator but later decided to do it herself. She had watched enough episodes of the reality show Cheaters to know how to track down a philandering partner. Plus, she wanted the satisfaction of catching Sandile red-handed. Masello unfolded the photograph that had burst her marital bubble. In it Sandile proudly held a toddler with a striking resemblance to him – similar brown eyes. Sandile’s young lover stood next to him, smiling. Masello estimated that the young woman couldn’t be older than Hector, her 19-year-old son, who was still at varsity.

“Shame on you, Sandile,” Masello thought sadly. “How could you do this to us?” Masello took a deep breath and tried to stop tears from falling. Had she driven Sandile into a younger woman’s arms by refusing to have a second baby 15 years ago? He’d wanted more children but she’d been satisfied with one. Iin their 21-year marriage, Masello had never snooped on her husband. Now she wished she had. If Lerato, the inquisitive cleaner, whom Masello employed part-time, had not found the incriminating photograph, Masello would never have known about Sandile’s double life.

Lerato had come into the lounge where Masello was sitting in front of the telly two days earlier. “Who’s this standing next to Mr Biyela?” she’d asked as she handed Masello a photograph. “This baby looks exactly like Mr Biyela, doesn’t she?” Lerato had smiled mischievously.

“Where did you find it?” Masello asked.  “I’ve never seen this picture before.” “How strange. I found it hidden in one of Mr Biyela’s books.” Lerato smirked. “Some years ago I also discovered a picture of my husband’s secret family among his stuff,” she went on. “I gave him the boot. I’d hire a private investigator if I were you. Some men are not to be trusted.”

“I didn’t employ you to pass judgment on my husband,” Masello snapped. “Next time I catch you snooping around you’ll be fired. Are you done with the laundry?” “I’m sorry, Mrs Biyela,” said Lerato as she rushed out of the lounge. What if Lerato was right? Masello had

thought afterwards. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her off.

To be continued...

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