Family secrets (2/5)

By Drum Digital
24 April 2014

Will Masello confront Sandile with the incriminating photograph?

At first Masello wanted to confront Sandile with the incriminating photograph but she chose instead to do her own investigations before making an appointment with her divorce lawyer. Masello was distracted from her thoughts by the sight of Sandile darting from his

office building into his car. “I’ll be home late,” he’d said that morning. “I’ll be playing golf with the boys.”

“Let’s see if you’re not the liar I think you are,” Masello muttered as she brought the BMW’s engine to life. She pressed her foot on the accelerator as soon as she saw her husband’s car start to move. As Masello followed Sandile at a safe distance, it became apparent to her that her husband was not driving towards the golf course but in the opposite direction. Because of the low volume of traffic, Masello found

it easy to trail Sandile. In no time they were driving through a rough neighbourhood. He  turned from the main road into a side street

and stopped in front of a rickety gate. Masello parked a few metres away and Sandile gave no sign that he was aware of being followed.

He hooted and the young woman, whom Masello recognised from the photo, emerged from the house holding the little girl. Aiming her video camera at the two lovers, Masello captured the moment when they hugged. For a moment Masello could not breathe as shock and anger gripped her, and she struggled to steady the camera.

She’d all the evidence she needed that her husband was a cheat. Sandile did not kiss the woman but was eager to hold the baby. Masello couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen Sandile so excited and smitten as he was now, holding that child. It made Masello wince to

see her husband this happy with another woman’s child. She could never forgive him for this disloyalty. Their marriage was over. It was

obvious he was having an affair and had a baby to top it all! Why had he kept this woman and baby a secret from her if there wasn’t something going on?

“Maybe coming here wasn’t a good idea after all,” Masello muttered to herself. “I lost him long ago and this is where his heart is. I’ll have to move on and let him go. I’d rather be alone than live a lie. I know I’ll survive.” Masello decided she’d seen enough. She had the perfect idea for a present for Sandile for their twenty-first wedding anniversary.  She dialled her divorce lawyer.  After the call she drove away. Sandile and his secret family were indoors by then. She returned the hired car then drove home in her Rover, washed off the make-up and got rid of the wig. Her mission had been accomplished.

To be continued...

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