Family secrets (5/5)

By Drum Digital
27 April 2014

Is it the end of Masello and Sandile? Read the final installment of Family Secrets.

“OH, YOU poor thing!” said Phumla as she hugged Masello. “You can stay here for as long as you want. Sandile seemed like the

perfect gentleman. Did you say he confessed to having an affair?”

“He’d never confess,” Masello sniffed. “He tried to speak but I wasn’t in the mood to listen to his lies. I’m devastated. This is the worst day of my life.”

“Maybe you should have given him the chance to explain himself. If you don’t mind, we can go together so he can tell you his side of the story.”

“I don’t trust him any more,” said Masello. “What other secrets has he kept from me?”

Phumla’s phone rang.

“It’s your son,” she said, handing the phone to Masello. “I wonder how he guessed you were here?”

Masello’s cellphone was still off.

“Hector’s home,” Masello said when she got off the phone. “I didn’t know he was coming home for the weekend. He says he’s got something important to tell me. I bet he’s trying to patch things between me and his father.”

Four people were there when Masello arrived back at her house: Sandile, Hector, the young woman in the photo and her little daughter.

“I asked Hector to come and tell you something he should have told you long ago,” Sandile said.

“Mom, I’m sorry I kept a secret from you,” Hector said sheepishly. “This is my twoyear-old daughter, Winnie, and this is Thando, my girlfriend. When Winnie was born I was 17 and I didn’t want to disappoint you and Dad. So I kept it a secret. I eventually confessed to Dad but made him promise not to tell you until I was ready to do it myself.”

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Masello fought the tears welling up in her eyes. “You know I’m always here for you.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Hector said, choking up. “We’ll get married next year after I finish my studies.”

“Come to Granny!” said Masello, taking her granddaughter from Thando. The little girl obliged. She was a beautiful child and Masello could understand why Sandile had been so smitten with her.

“Welcome to the family, Thando,” Masello said to her future daughter-in-law. “Thank you,” Thando said.

“I’m sorry I judged you too harshly,” Masello said turning to her husband. “It’s okay,” Sandile said. “I should never have agreed to Hector’s request  to keep his secret. No more secrets. I promise.”

Her eyes filled with tears, Masello hugged little Winnie and gave her a kiss. “Winnie,” she sobbed, “You’re the most beautiful secret in the whole world!”

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