Fans continue to rally behind alleged killer DJ

By Drum Digital
01 September 2015

Shocking aspects about the life of former Jozi FM DJ, Donald Sebolai, exposed during his murder trial, have not stopped his radio fans from standing by him.

Shocking aspects about the life of former Jozi FM DJ, Donald Sebolai, exposed during his murder trial, have not stopped his radio fans from standing by him.

"We have your back all the way, just be strong for us please," Oumakie Mofokeng wrote on Sebolai's Facebook page.

"God bless you," wrote Ncedile Molosi.

During the trial which started in July, it was revealed that Sebolai, who hosted a gospel show, lived a life which others could argue was far from holy.

When he took to the stand in August, he revealed that his lifestyle was one which comprised of heavy drinking and threesomes between himself, his girlfriend and her best friend.

To top it all off, the DJ, who also advocated for women and children's rights, told the High Court in Johannesburg sitting in Palm Ridge that he believed it was okay to lightly smack a woman every now and then in order to get her in line.

Murder trial

He is currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Dolly Tshabalala, who bled to death in his bed at his flat in Soweto in June last year. She had a stab wound from the pubic area to her thigh, puncturing an artery.

Sebolai has denied killing Tshabalala. He has alleged that she got injured as they struggled over a knife that she had used to stab him while accusing him of cheating.

Sebolai went missing for nine days before he was cornered by police.

During the time that he was on the run, Sebolai's fans again took to his Facebook page and asked him to turn himself in, begging him not to take his own life.

"Donald Sebolai pls dnt do anything stupid!! Only God knows why n wht happened in that flat. U hv always encouraged de public 2 do right things, so now its ur chance 2 practice wht u hv always adviced. Pls pls Papa Neo do de right thing Brother. God be with u whrever u are [sic]," said Motsheo Mzondi.

Tebza Tobetsa Lesiba said he was unsure whether what he had heard was accurate.

"Being a public figure then commit such an incident, I'm sad shocked and very much disappointed," he said.

'Breaking point'

Others said they believed that Tshabalala possibly did something that pushed him to breaking point.

"Sad, this is a lesson to all of us, male and female... we must know when to walk away from a relationship," said Auriel Mathebula.

Several listeners preached of innocence until proven guilty.

"Only God knows us & can judge us... its bad & sad but all of us have bad stuff we have done, so let us not rub salt on a wound," said Dineo Tsholo Seleke.

In the days leading to the trial, some of Sebolai's fans said they missed him on radio.

One person wrote about the proceedings of the trial on his wall, stating that the investigator had given details of Tshabalala's wound. Another Sebolai fan commented, saying they were behind Sebolai.

Sebolai replied with a "Lol" meaning laughing out loud.

It was unclear what he meant by the comment.

Trial approaching end

In April, he became active on his Facebook page checking into Soweto, Klerksdorp and a Spur restaurant, liking his fan's posts on his wall and writing about DJ's on radio.

Sebolai's trial is fast approaching an end, with several key witnesses including a pathologist, psychologist and Sebolai himself taking the stand.

He was on Monday expected to appear in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge where the state was expected  to lodge an application to open its case.

Sebolai who has throughout the trial been forced to come face-to-face with Tshabalala's mother, often stuck to his version of events, refusing to budge.

Supporting him on the trip he takes almost daily between Soweto and Palm Ridge have been three women, including his aunt. Also present for proceedings have been his former colleagues from Jozi FM who have been following the matter closely.

The case continues.

Source: News24

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