Felicia on how her marriage almost ended

By Drum Digital
17 June 2016

Business woman, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist Felicia Mabuza-Suttle said at some point her marriage to husband Earl Suttle almost didn't make it.

This was because of Felicia's decision to move back to South Africa in 1990 to pursue her dream to empower South Africans through her talkshow and also take up a senior position at South African Airways.

Felicia opened up about this time in her life on SABC 1 show Zaziwa, "The move caused a rift between me and my husband, but my husband said when he was about to give it up, what helped is his involvement in The Million Man March. Minister Louis Farrakhan had a march for over a million black men in Washington in 1995 and when my husband went there he said what he heard about supporting your woman resonated with him. That's what saved our marriage."

Felicia said that at the time she moved despite the rift in her marriage she knew she had to follow her passion. "I was willing to give up anything for what I believed in. I think sometimes as women we need to do that, follow your passion no matter what," she encouraged.

Felicia said after the march and six months of not seeing each other her husband came down to see her in South Africa and was impressed at the work she was doing and they rekindled their love and have been strong since.

Felicia and Earl have been married since 1976 and have two daughter Lindiwe and Zanele.

Source: Zaziwa

Picture: feliciainc.com

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