FICTION: Not According to Plan - Part Two

By Drum Digital
29 March 2017

“Zee – which boyfriend?? Because yesterday at work you were still my single friend!”

BY Zandile Mahlobo

“Zee – which boyfriend? Because yesterday at work you were still my single friend!”

“Oh, well . . . Bill is someone I met on Friday evening at a club. We connected, he asked me to be his partner and I said yes. But by midnight his lips were on another man and I lost it.”

“Then you got arrested?”

“Yes, I sort of hit the bouncer who was separating us, with a wine bottle, and the club owner called the cops.”

After taking a bath and falling asleep dressed in Nomvelo’s robe, Zizi woke up three hours later. Nomvelo was sitting in an easy chair, on her phone.

Zizi said: “Oh friend, what would I be without you?”

Velo said: “Missy, you need to get your act together. Stop this excessive drinking, especially when I’m not around – or else strangers will hurt you.”

“Chommie, it was Bill’s fault. He cheated.”

“Zee, I know being single is horrible and lonely. But agreeing to be partners with random strangers is a little desperate,” she said.

“Whoa! Did you just say being single is horrible and lonely? Velo – you always say being single is the best thing ever.”

“Honestly, Zee, lately I feel lonely. It is the worst feeling ever. You know me, I plan every detail of my life, I plan how I will deal with every situation that comes my way, but I never thought about planning how I would deal with facing loneliness.”

As she opened up to her friend she felt as if a load had fallen off her shoulders.

After a moment of silence, Zizi said: “Give me your phone.”


“Just give me your phone, friend.”

She handed it over and went through to make coffee. As she came back after a couple of minutes he said: “Here, take your phone back. You have a date at 8 pm tonight.”

“What? With whom and where? Zee, are you crazy?”

“You have a date with your gym friend, Lwazi!”

“Lwazi is not the type of guy I’ve planned to date. He has no place in my future plans.”

“Velo, you and he click, he makes you laugh, you enjoy his company . . . it’s time to scratch the plans and go with the flow. Take a break from the planning, and see where it gets you. If the date goes horribly wrong, so be it. Life will go on.”

“What did you tell him, Zee?”

“Oh, I just said you and I were going out tonight to eat at Le Francais, with a friend of mine, and you’d suggested I call him to see if he’d like to even up the numbers. I tell you, Velo, he was up for it immediately. The guy fancies you – ask anyone at the gym.”

“So you’ve got me into a foursome. That’s not quite a date, is it?”

“No, but at 7:45 pm, Lwazi will get an SMS saying I cannot get through to you, and would he please let you know that I’m laid up with a dreadful migraine headache, and my friend is stuck at the airport in Port Elizabeth. But you and he should try and have a nice evening without us.”

IN THE early hours of the evening, Nomvelo stood in front of the mirror dressed and ready to go on her date. She was nervous. Lwazi was great, a dream guy for most girls. But in Nomvelo’s plans she had chosen to keep him as a friend. This date was taking her out of her comfort zone and it was a scary feeling.

The excitement in his eyes was visible when he saw her walk into the restaurant. And his first words when she got to the table were: “Finally, I get a date with you, Miss Majola. It’s been three long years.”

The date went on until the late hours and laughter was on the menu throughout the night. An unplanned moment had been cunningly inserted into her life, but as the evening went on, deep down inside Nomvelo, part of her knew that a second date was definitely part of the revised plan.

The End

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