Fight the winter breakage blues

By Drum Digital
21 July 2014

One big mistake some people make is to start loading up leave in conditioners or oils immediately out of the shower.

The dry cold winter air may be wreaking havoc to your hair.

The first basic solution to dryness is of course to add water to the hair.

However, what should you do if misting it up every night , morning or indeed several times a day is not really having an impact?

Co-wash  in between shampoo washes

Shampoo  may not be necessary for every wash especially if you always cover your hair when you go outside in winter.

Wearing a hat will greatly minimise the amount of dust and dirt that your hair picks up from the environment so a conditioner may be sufficient between washes.

Get smart when using leave ins: Don’t apply to soaking wet hair

One big mistake some people make is to start loading up leave in conditioners  or oils immediately out of the shower.

If you apply a leave in or oil to dripping wet hair, the fact is that quite a lot of it will simply drip off.

The ideal time to start adding leave ins is after towel drying for 5-10 minutes.

At this point, most of the wetness has disappeared from the hair but there is still sufficient water to be ‘sealed’ in by the leave in conditioner or oil.

Time your washes: Avoid going outside with wet hair

 The drier and colder air in winter makes it difficult for hair to dry meaning it will stay wet for longer.

Additionally, the feeling of cold winter air on wet hair is often unpleasant.

The idea of moisturising hair is not to have wet hair for ages, it is to lock in the moisture into the hair and maintain a humidity barrier on the outside.

If you have a standard work day, wash your hair soon after getting home and it should be sufficiently dry to sleep on comfortably  and fairly dry by the morning


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