Fill your home with the joy of Christmas

By Drum Digital
21 December 2016

Don’t miss out on holiday memories: get into the spirit and make sure you’re Christmas-ready!


Shoprite has a range of over 200 festive decorations that will have you covered, from the presents under the tree to the crowning star on the tip-top – ensuring a low-price Christmas for everyone.

Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a Christmas to-do list to help you get going.

Pick the perfect tree


The first and most important piece to pick out is the Christmas tree. Would you like to have your tree looking cheery in a corner, or big and bold for all to see? There’s a tree for every size of home.

Dress it up with decorations

If you’re a Christmas-tree newcomer, a tree decorations mixed pack of 26 will help you style your tree perfectly in green, red, and gold. A great tip for dressing up your tree is to start with fairy lights and tinsel, then ornaments, and finally the star on top.

Decorations aren’t just for the tree. Santa’s Choice Non-Flashing Fairy Lights can be strung up around the home, making things merry and bright. Opt for 20-, 35-, or 100-bulb strings, depending on the size of the room or window you want to make sparkle. Decorate your home with festive cheer!

No sneak peeks

Cover gifts in decorative wrapping paper and place them under the tree. With an assortment of festive colours and patterns, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Buy rolls of wrapping paper in packs of three so you have enough to go around, or, if you have a very long list of relatives, grab a 5 m roll and get wrapping. If you aren’t confident in your wrapping skills, choose gift bags instead.


The more, the merrier

Enjoy festive fun around the table with the surprise bang of crackers – with packs of 6 or 10 everyone can join in.

Keep things jolly with assorted Christmas hats and caps – you can choose to be Father Christmas or one of the elves!

Incredible prices that last

After all the laughter and full bellies, it’s time to take down the tree and store it for the same time next year. There will be more wonderful Christmas memories to be made!

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