Film Review: Grown Ups

By Drum Digital
28 July 2010

Rating 2/5. Comedy. With Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Salma Hayek. Director: Dennis Dugan. 10M. Opens 6 August.

What’s it about?

Five old-timers get together to pay tribute to their late basketball coach. But despite their wrinkles these veterans have never grown up...

Who will enjoy it?

This story has less to it than Paris Hilton’s G-string. A bunch of randy old men tell dirty jokes, laugh at women’s quirks and reminisce about how naughty they once were.

It’s not enough to hold your attention for 100 minutes and it’s harsh on women, who are portrayed the way male chauvinists like to see them. If the Sex and the City girls ever got hold of these guys they’d have them for breakfast! It makes fun of boeps, boobs, impotence and middle-aged frustrations. It’s all a bit sad. Empty entertainment.

Wait for DVD?

If you’re one of those fortunate souls with a TV in your braai area (or braai room!) you’d do well to wait until this comes out on DVD. Then you can relax while the guys burn their chops and joke about the size of their boerewors. Youwon’t have to concentrate – your marinade will need more attention than this storyline.

And Adam Sandler is beginning to show his age, not to mention his gut.

Similar films

The Hangover (but not nearly as good!); Old Dogs.

Popcorn fact

Director Dennis Dugan plays the referee.

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