Film Review: Please Give

By Drum Digital
11 August 2010

Rating 3/5

Human drama. With CatHerine Keener, Oliver Platt and Amanda Peet. Director: Nicole Holofcener. 13lnS. Opens 20 august.

What’s it about?

A couple who own an antique shop wait for the old lady next door to die so they can buy her flat and extend theirs. But the wife can barely pass a beggar without giving him something...

Who will like this?

People in desperate need of a sophisticated, intelligent movie without the rehashed commercial elements that destroyed Knight and Day, may feel as if they’re having caviar after a long diet of burgers. Not that the film is all that exceptional – it’s actually quite an ordinary human drama – but it’s different from the many American junk-food films on offer.

It allows you time to breathe; to take it in and contemplate its deeper meaning. And watching Katherine Keener sink her teeth into an ordinary character and elevating it into a special one is alone worth the price of a ticket.

Wait for DVD?

You could, although I’d rather take a few good friends to a Cinema Nouveau, enjoy a good meal afterwards and discuss the film. Don’t expect something eccentric or larger-than-life; this is mellow, stress-free entertainment. Just the thing to savour onawindy, cold August afternoon.

Similar films

An Education; Hello Goodbye.

Popcorn fact

Keener has appeared in almost all Spike Jonze’s

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