Film Review: Salt

By Drum Digital
25 August 2010

Rating 3/5

Action. With AngelinA Jolie, Chiewtel

Ejiofor and liev Schreiber.

Director: Phillip Noyce. 16v. opens 3 September.

What’s it about?

A formidable, sexy CIA agent with legs to die for is suspected of being a Russian spy. Now she must go on the run to stay alive...

Who will enjoy it?

If Angie sends your hormones into orbit, get a box of popcorn and make yourself at home. This babe with the golden-brown legs that never end kicks, punches and charms her way through tens of baddies, knocking down bullies with a whiff of her perfume. She certainly has more than just a tiger in her tank! The story may be far-fetched but you have to believe it or the film won’t make any sense. Share the thrills as Angelina’s nifty fingers get her out of her cuffs. And get a load of those pouty lips, just ready for a kiss – but she’s also a tomboy who can shave the hairs offaman’s chest with one swift kick. Over-the-top, but good fun.

Wait for the DVD?

Either way. On DVD you’d be able to pause every so often to give your eyes some more of that Angie candy – but to fully appreciate the world’s sexiest girl falling from buildings while still finding time to check her make-up and pull that tight T-shirt even tighter, get to a big screen!

Similar films

Knight and Day; the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider films.

Popcorn fact

*Angelina Jolie apparently did most of the stunt scenes herself.

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