Film Review: The Karate Kid

By Drum Digital
08 September 2010

Rating 4/5

Human drama. With Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan

and Zhensu Wu.

Director: Harald Zwart. 10MV.

Opens 17 September.

What’s it about?

A brave American kid moves with his mom to Beijing. He doesn’t fit inwith the other kids and is relentlessly bullied – until he meets a handyman who teaches him the finer points of kung fu.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone who’s half-alive and loves munching popcorn while getting engrossed in a truly human story. The fourth star is because this film is such stirring entertainment. You know how it’s going to end, but what makes this new version of an old story cool is the way it takes you on a funpark ride with the young hero as he pursues victory – including that over himself. Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, has clearly inherited his dad’s looks and charisma. Exciting, compassionate and triumphant.

Wait for DVD?

No. Because kids younger than 10 must be accompanied by an adult, it’s a chance for dads and their sons to bond while enjoying a cool movie together. The film goes beneath the surface and pays tribute to true courage and old-fashioned moral values such as lending a helping hand to those who are weaker than yourself. Get in the queue for a ticket – this flick may just change your life.

Similar films

Rocky; The Karate Kid (1984).

Popcorn fact

* Jaden Smith was just 11 when the film was made.

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