First year survival guide

By Drum Digital
12 November 2011

First year of university is probably the most exciting, yet most terrifying time for a student. University is a whole new world, with new rules.

Gone are the teachers that actually care if you did your homework. Gone are the parents to tell you what to do. Freedom reigns in varsity, and with this freedom comes great responsibility.

With the help of our twitter followers and Facebook friends we put together advice on surviving first year of university.

Maintain a good academic record , it counts – Andisiwe

Failure & exclusion are a reality, avoid them!  - Mbekezeli M Benjamin

Entrance to the exams is 40% and 50% is pass. Aim higher than that. - Somikazi Mtatyana

Don't study or do an essay the night before, this is not high school. You will fail.  – Simamkele Dlakavu

[Have] Self-discipline, prepare for every lecture. Don’t ever be ashamed 2 ask a question - Kamogelo Kamza Mashego

Think about life after university before signing up for useless courses. Think carefully about the career you want to pursue. – Thato Motaung

Study something you are passionate about - then the hard work isn't that hard. 2. Visit the library - to work, not sleep.  - Carin Marais

If you are having financial problems- can't pay fees or don't have accommodation etc, approach your SRC. They are there to help you – Simamkele Dlakavu

Students need to realise that going to University is not about parties or friends. It’s about using the opportunity to empower themselves. - MJ Collection GG

Enjoy yourself for 1st year is the year you are let out of the cage, party, socialise, meet new and different people, respect the study place/time, dress funky. Just make sure you have a strict study sessions with no disruptions -Ricardo Naidoo


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