Five Delicious minutes with Incognito

By Drum Digital
27 May 2014

With just a few days left before the second annual DStv Delicious Festival, DRUM managed to speak to top UK band, Incognito.

They are among three headline acts set to perform at Emmarentia Dam on Saturday May 31 2014 as part of the decadent food festival.

Ten lucky readers hold VIP double tickets to this extravaganza and we cannot wait to meet you all.

We caught up with Incognito as they prepare to make their way to Mzansi this weekend. Catch the Q&A below:

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Delicious Festival?

The intoxicating joyful spirit of the South African audience. Sharing the festival spirit with great international acts. Playing for you all, because that is our calling!

The festival celebrates the marriage of good food and good music, what are some of your favourite foods?

I am a world traveller and I appreciate food from everywhere. But I’ll answer your question honestly. Italian home cooking in southern Italy with fresh local ingredients is a hard one to beat!

Who is the best cook in the band?

Matt Cooper and Vanessa Haynes are the only two who have cooked for the band.

They are both pretty good cooks. Matt does the Italin thing and Vanessa got the Caribean flavours covered!

What can your fans expect from your latest album, Amplified Soul?

An album born of the pure spirit. It’s an organic sound and does not try to make it’s vocalist conform to a preconceived format. Each singer gets to sing something meaningful to their lives and the style of the track is adapted to them. Therefore they shine as bright as they possibly could. Songs like “Another Way”, “I See The Sun”, “Stop Running Away” are songs of hope. The title track “Amplified Soul”, “I Couldn't Love You More”, “Rapture”, “Hands Up If You Wanna Be Loved”, “Hats”, “Deeper Still”, “Something 'bout July”, “Day Or Night” and “Never Known A Love Like This” are songs of affirmation and cellebrations of love and life. “Silver Shadow” is about knowing who you are and having the amplified soul to make your dreams come true.

This album is all about who we are as individuals and as a collective. It’s the truth!

Tell us about some of your favourite songs to perform

Our biggest selling albums with equal world-wide sales are Positivity and 100 ° and Rising. I always love to play “Parisienne Girl” as it was the first thing we ever recorded back in 1979. The songs “Everyday” and “Good Love” are strong crowd favourites but also fun to play.

One of your band members has worked with one of our most celebrated artists, Thandiswa Mazwai; do you see any future collaboration with any of our other local acts?

That would be me! I am always open to possibilities. Hope they are as good as Thandiswa, she is pretty special!

How do you maintain your band’s authentic sound while making sure your music is relevant to the time?

We love what we do, we are living our childhood dreams and it is paying for our lives and allowing us to care for our loved ones, if that does not make you enthusiastic, inspired and creative, you are in either sleeping or dead!

We have our sound so we don’t need to be stressing trying to copy others of wondering what we should do to be accepted, we won that battle 35 years ago.

Have you ever been surprised by your fans’ reception to any of your songs?

Yes! In New Zealand, the local Maori community added these beautiful and complex harmonies to “Still a fried of mine” it left me gasping in wonderment!

How do you unwind while on tour, with all the irregular and strenuous hours?

I (Bluey) collect stamps of a thematic nature, my theme is Musical instruments. I write songs. I am a sunset chaser, I absolutely love them.

Have you discovered any South African cuisine that you loved or loathed?

Bunny Chow in Durban… Now that’s what I call tasty! I am not a big fan of Biltong.

Looking forward to returning to South Africa and celebrating live with you all.

Peace and Love!


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