Five Delicious minutes with The Brand New Heavies

By Drum Digital
28 May 2014

As we get closer to the second annual DStv Delicious Festival, DRUM has spoken to another one of the event's headline acts: The Brand New Heavies.

They are among three headline acts set to perform at Emmarentia Dam on Saturday May 31 2014 as part of the decadent food festival.

Ten lucky readers hold VIP double tickets to this extravaganza and we cannot wait to meet you all.

We caught up with the band a few days before their highly expected arrival. Catch the Q&A below:

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Delicious Festival?

The beautiful marriage of great food and great music and hopefully great weather too!

The festival celebrates the marriage of good food and good music. What are some of your favourite foods?

Haha, I actually answered the last question,talking about the”marriage”of food and music before I saw this question,great minds and all that.I like a lot of different types of food,mostly simple things cooked with soul,like my music, I think food prepared with love tastes better.Italian food, Indian, Caribbean, Japanese and a whole lot more.

Who is the best cook in the band?

We can all cook I’m sure ,as can a lot of musicians. It's something in the creativity and it’s a lot of fun,especially while listening to music,but probably me, haha.

Which of your albums have you found your fans resonate with the most?

I think there's something for everyone on most of our records. A lot of people have favorite songs from different albums,I think you’d have to ask them that. All of our studio albums have their hardcore fans, including the Heavy Rhyme Experience, for a lot of people they resonate with a time and place in their lives.

Tell us about some of your favourite songs to perform.

I’m enjoying doing sledgehammer from our forthcoming album at the moment as it’s the most recent,we have been playing a lot of these for many years so we like to mess with them sometimes. Dawn is bringing a freshness to a lot of the material and that is nice... Stay this way is always one of my faves.

Have you ever been surprised by your fans’ reception to any of your songs?

Always. It's great to get the reaction to a recording and to see it live too, i'ts instant then and there's nowhere to hide.

You have an album due for release this year, how is that going?

It's basically finished. Just pulling the pieces together for release.

This isn’t your first trip to South Africa. What is your favourite thing about performing here?

I love the enthusiasm of the audiences,they’re wide open and very giving in their reaction. We thrive off that,they're ready for the party and to give as good as they get. It’s a beautiful place to be and to play for sure.

Have you discovered any South African cuisine that you loved or loathed?

Not a big fan of Biltong…but I've tried a few things that I loved but I cannot remember the name of the dishes. Had some great seafood in Cape Town

Where were you most surprised to find die-hard fans of your music?

Georgia in Eastern Europe. We’d never been there before a couple of years ago and it was great... Playing in new places is always a blast.

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