Five emotional stages of being in a new relationship

By Drum Digital
16 March 2015

New love is the best.We all go through the 'He/She is what I have been looking for' phase. Here are some of the things you might find yourself going through

The perfect partner

Where have you been all my life, you feel like, this person is your perfect match.

I'll compromise

Even when you know that your partner likes something you do not like, you choose to overlook that and focus on what you like in common.

Everything remind me of you

Because they are forever occupying your mind, everything is relevant, and you relate to love issue, comments and quotes.

The weird thing they do, you kind of like them

Like them, wearing closed shoes without socks, and you convince yourself that it is cool as long as they do not smell.

Getting jealous

Cyber stalking some of your partner's exes, just to make sure you are hotter than them.

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