Five minutes with Kandi Burruss

By Drum Digital
14 October 2014

DRUM speaks to award-winning singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and star of hit reality series, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kandi Factory.

She's been a South African favourite since her days as member of girl band Xscape and Kandi Burruss has continued to expand her brand, going into songwriting and various entrepreneurial projects that have seen her garner massive success and respect from peers in the industry.

DRUM spoke briefly to the newlywed who admits to being something of a workaholic.

You’re an innovative woman whose projects are known to do well, no matter how new or foreign to your brand, how do you go about choosing your projects?

I look at I will have fun doing because I like to do things that don't feel like work. I also have to ask myself "Is it something people want or need?" before venturing into it.

What are some of your next projects?

I'm negotiating a new album and hoping things go well. My husband, Todd and I are also looking at scripts for a movie next year.

Bedroom Kandi has been doing well, any chances of coming to South Africa’s next SEXPO as Ice and Coco did for her line?

I would love to and we were talking about how to partner with people across the world. We weren't really anticipating that the line would do as well as it did so we're now looking into how to expand it.

 How is married life treating you, has it been easy to balance work and the family?

That’s what we’re trying to work out. Most of our arguments are about work (laughs). We’re trying to separate the two and put the relationship first. We're learning as we go, definitely.

 Speaking of family, are there any chances of Riley having a younger brother or sister?

We want to, it just hasn't happened yet. We'd love that, though.

We’re still watching Real Housewives Of Atlanta  with episodes of you and Mama Joyce’s tension going into the wedding but also see her supporting his show Hollywood Divas on social media, how would you describe your relationship with her? Are things improving?

The tension has gotten better but it isn't there yet. His mom and my mom haven't spoken since the wedding, things got ugly there.  She’s been trying to be nicer and things are getting better.

Do you know how Phaedra is holding up since having filed for divorce?

We haven't spoken in the last couple of days, actually. I should give her a call.

South Africans absolutely love your music, any chances of having The Best of Kandi show here soon?

I would love to! I'm not familiar with any promoters there but it would definitely be something I'd be interested in.

Quick-Fire Questions:

Idris Elba or Pharrell Williams?


Orange juice or coffee?

Orange juice,  although I don’t like either one. I never learned how to make coffee, my mom made it for me while I was growing up.  and I've never liked orange juice but I could drink it while pregnant with Riley for some reason. I've since started drinking it simply because of its Vitamin C.

Chocolate cake or a cheeseburger?

BOTH! (Laughs).

The most exciting thing you've done in the past 3 months?

I went to Tyler Perry’s birthday party. It was a small group of people but the people there were people I came up looking up to, like Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder and the like. I sat looking around and thinking to myself ,“This is amazing”. It was also amazing to hear them tell me things like they were fans of mine. It was a really great feeling.

Catch Kandi's reality show, The Kandi Factory, on DStv's Style Network - channel 173 every Tuesday at 8.15pm. 

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