Five minutes with Nhlanhla Nciza

By Drum Digital
10 August 2014

What do you believe has made you this successful?

 What do you believe has made you this successful?

Simple really-first of all my family is my success. I love my work, I respect my craft and the people that support my craft.I continuously try to be innovative and I'm  never in a comfort zone but most importantly I put God first in everything that I do.

The best advice you have ever received and how did you apply it to your life?

'Respect yourself and others at all times', that advice came from my mother.  The respect that I have for myself and for others remind me to remain humble and to never lose myself especially in the industry that is so fickle.

As a woman in the public eye and entertainment what has been your secret to a successful marriage when may have failed?

I'm one of the few people that are lucky enough to be married to someone who is in the same industry and who understands my business. Having said that, it's important to have an open communication in a marriage. That has played a very big role in my home. TK and I also trust each other as a couple. But even with that trust we are never in a comfort zone as a married couple, we go out on dates whenever we get a chance. We are a very spontaneous couple. Our support for each other and pushing each other to strive for the best keeps us close. And whenever there are serious disagreements we ask God for guidance.

What do you think of women’s participation and recognition in the industry so far?

A.We certainly come a long way as women, we have gained confidence over the years. We believe in our talents and we no longer have to be afraid of how we look or if we are the right body size or not in order for our talents to be recognized. We have become a force to be reckoned with and we are go getters, however our industry is still very much male dominated when it comes to the people who are power players. Production companies and recording studios are still run by males,so we still need to change the mindset that those kinds of positions are meant for men. But we are definitely headed toward the right direction

How important is it for a woman to give time to herself despite the many roles and busy schedule? How do you rewind?

It is important very important to have some time set aside for ourselves, as we play a lot roles . We raise our children, we take care of our families , we cook for our husbands and we have jobs. So it important to once in a while spoil ourselves. I go for regular massage sessions to unwind.

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