Five minutes with Thandiswa Mazwai

By Drum Digital
17 January 2017

DRUM got up close and personal with multi-talented singer Thandiswa Mazwai. The 40-year-old musician gave us a glimpse of who she is and definitely has more layers than one can unwrap.

Here is what Thandiswa shared about herself:

Music inspiration

“Every album I’ve ever made is about me and my personal journey and whatever thing I’m struggling with. I do it for myself in an absolute way. I use art as a diary, punching bag or a place to affirm myself. All my work has been revolving from memories, freedom decolonisation, feminism and oppression.”

Late mother

“Everything that I am today is a reflection of my mother’s lessons. My mother was a rebel, a true rebel.  I used to watch her go to PAC (Pan Africanist Congress) meeting and making massive speeches. She wasn’t afraid to be seen or heard, she wasn’t afraid to express herself no matter how radical she was. If she was still alive she’d still be supporting the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).”

Secret to longevity

“The kind of music I want to do is very busy. I just don’t take out an album. It’s always instinctive. Like when I did Zabalaza, I felt very light. I always wait for the moment where I feel light. I don’t go to events where my pictures will be taken and stuff is said about me. I don’t do interview, I only did this because we have something to talking about.”

Hobbies and leisure

“I love travelling. I travel a lot and while I travel, I like collecting travel jewellery from India and Zimbabwe.”

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