Five minutes with Zanele Mbokazi

By Drum Digital
19 August 2014

Learn to prioritise your dreams and yourself, Zanele says.

What is the biggest challenge today for women in ministry. How do you overcome them?

Time is an issue and fulfilling people’s expectations. Whilst every woman is busy, women in ministry are expected to have all the time for every kind of problem and for everyone. You get SMSes and phone calls about virtually every household problem, people who are sick and advice for business etc. Whilst I am happy to respond to urgent prayer requests and SMSes, I have developed a strategy to have a set day to see people at church on a one on one basis. That way, everyone knows and they book accordingly. I am also training a team of people who are able to respond to the various requests and day-to-day challenges that our congregants face.

As a mother and woman of God, how do you balance the line for your children from what is fun and what is ungodly?

Teaching children the right foundation is key. I was amazed when I was told my son prayed for a fellow pupil at school when he fell ill. In buying toys, allowing them to go out, the programs they watch on TV is a difficult task for any parent these days – given the speed of technology. We rely on the principles that we teach them and from time to time we have to balance that with the fact that they are children and they need to have fun!

Are you happy with how far women have come in the Gospel?

Yes. There are many women who have walked before us and paved the way. Being able to have a platform and equal opportunity to preach, teach and inspire is a privilege we don’t take for granted.

How do you balance the ministry and being a businesswoman without compromising your beliefs and values?

Ministry teaches me that God’s word is supreme and above all. It is a compass and a guide. I therefore take counsel and my direction from it.

Message to women this women’s month?

Love yourself. You can’t give to others what you do not have. Learn to prioritise your dreams and stop being a “make do woman” that is prioritising everything else home bills, children’s sports days and always putting your desires, hobbies and dreams aside.  Try and find a balance and you will notice you will be happier, more motivated to do more. To fellow women in ministry, sisters, remember to keep the main thing the main thing! After all, it is all about Jesus and everything else we do is secondary!

Find Love!