Five more emotional stages of being in a new relationship

By Drum Digital
17 March 2015

As the new relationship advances, you begin to realise a few things.

1. You do not want to admit you are angry

You do not want to fight with your new boo, because you are scared they will think you are a bully or even crazy.

7. You beginning to see a lot of the thing you do not like about him/her

You still feel this person, but you are beginning to see that he might not be that perfect after all; he/ she is just human.

8. Start wondering if things will always be great

Since you know what they can offer and what they cannot, you start questioning the ups of the relationship.

9. You start seeing the possibilities of a break up

Reality sets in, now that everything is not like cloud-nine. You are sad, but it does not mean you are going to break up with your partner.

10. Realising you do not know your new love

Does he/she have a criminal record, secret family, children you do not know about?  You would not know, because you have been caught up in an idea.

Source: Marie Claire

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