Five steps you can take to address your depression

By Drum Digital
27 September 2016

 If you’re feeling down, no matter what the reason – these five tips can help

Depression is a serious illness that demands attention sooner rather than later.

Here are five things you can start doing today if you’ve recognised the signs in yourself.

  1. Follow a routine. Get out of bed and get dressed every day – even if you have nothing to do.
  2. Set goals. Keep them simple, non-stressful and realistic.
  3. Exercise. Any form of physical exercise, however small, is beneficial – even a short walk can boost your energy and motivation.
  4. Eat well and avoid unhealthy habits. Diet is important for preventing triedness or feeling run down. If you lack an appetite, eat small snacks rather than large meals.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night and, more importantly, get up at the same time every morning.

Source: Guide To Overcoming Depression.

This is a portion of an article originally published in The Big Issue, June 2015, and which appears on the Sadag website. 

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