Five tips to get your toddler’s hair cut

By Drum Digital
21 May 2014

Do you dread taking your child to get a haircut because they become hysterical at the mere mention of the word? Here are five easy-to-follow tips to make the situation easier for your little one – and yourself.

  1. Choose the right tools: Is your hairdresser using clippers or scissors? Keep in mind clippers might be terrifying for your son. Think about it – a noisy machine you’re not at all used to moving around on your head is scary and he might be scared it will hurt him. Ask your hairdresser to use scissors instead.
  2. Model behaviour: Try to get his dad or another male figure in his life to go with him to get his hair cut. They can make a day of it. When they get to the barber, his dad, grandpa or uncle can get his own hair cut first while your son watches. Letting the toddler sit on their lap will make them part of the experience and calm their nerves. Then when it’s his turn he’ll remember Dad just got his hair cut and nothing bad happened. Of course this is also a great opportunity to bond with your little girl. Getting your own hair cut at the same time might be impractical because women’s hair generally takes quite long to style, but you can still make a special pamper opportunity of it. Let her sit on your lap while she has her hair done, chat to her about things that interest her and page through magazines looking at girly things together. You can even treat her to something yummy afterwards so she associates a haircut with special time with Mom.
  3. A little distraction goes a long way: Sometimes all it takes is a new toy (and it doesn’t have to be big or expensive). Give it to your toddler just before the hairdresser starts and hopefully they’ll be so intrigued by it the hairdresser can do their job without too much of a fuss.
  4. It’s all about timing: Try to make the excursion a fun one. Perhaps your child can always wear the same shoes and you can call it their special haircut shoes. Or you can make up a silly little haircut song together. Unfortunately none of this will be useful if you drag your toddler to the hairdresser when they’re tired, hungry or unhappy. Aim to make the appointment for a time this can be avoided.
  5. Be the hairdresser: Being in a familiar place might help, so take the kiddies’ pool outside and let them sit in it while you cut their hair yourself.

If all else fails, just let their hair grow for a while. After a while they might even ask you to cut it. But if they don’t, try to see the bigger picture – it’s just a haircut after all and there’s no need to make each other miserable over it.

-Londiwe Dlomo


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