Five ways to up the passion

By Drum Digital
03 November 2014

A few tips that can help maintain a good sex life or boost one that may have fizzled.

Passion in a marriage can fizzle or even feel like it’s under attack. The attacks can come from just the everyday life issues we all deal with or from intense stressors that may come your way. Intimacy in a marriage has to be developed, nurtured, and protected.

It’s not easy to keep up a great sex life that’s full of passion, so here are a few tips that can help maintain a good sex life or boost one that may have fizzled.

Maintain a friendship

Spend time together without the children, free from distractions, phones and tablets. Give your undivided attention to your spouse. Make them your priority.

Choose acceptance over rejection

Accept your spouse’s advances, kind gestures, loving touches more times than you reject them. No one wants to feel like their spouse doesn’t want them or that they aren’t attracted to them. Even in a loving marriage, people can feel rejected. “I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I need to handle this with the kids, I have this big project at work, church, school” are signs of rejection. Don’t make other more important than your spouse.

Reciprocate intimacy

Serve, give and cater to your spouse and their needs first. Go out of your way to please them. If both people are going out of their way to please the other, both will be happy and satisfied.

Create passion through actions

Flirt, send text messages, pictures and notes throughout the day to build anticipation for the evening. Find that thing that really makes your spouse want and desire you and do it. Make them feel desired, compliment them, kiss and hug passionately. Whisper what you want to do to them once you get home. Make an event out of it so that the two of you can enjoy being together and desire to come back to it over and over again.

Pray about your relationship

This tip invites the spiritual element of intimacy into your relationship. Spend time in prayer about your relationship, the closeness, the emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy that you two share. Pray that the two of you can become one in every way. Pray for the passion, desire and hunger for one another to be there.


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