Flabba accused to take to the stand

By Drum Digital
15 September 2015

The woman accused of killing hip hop artist Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi will have her turn on the stand.

The woman accused of killing hip hop artist Nkululeko "Flabba" Habedi will have her turn on the stand.

This after the State wrapped up its case on Monday and the defence indicated it wanted to call Sindisiwe Manqele to the stand on Tuesday.

The young student is alleged to have stabbed Habedi in the heart after an argument at his Alexandra home on March 9.

She has pleaded not guilty and has, through her lawyer, indicated that she acted in self-defence.

The State has thus far called a pathologist, police officials, members of Habedi's family as well as friends of the couple to testify on the nature of their relationship.

The last State witness to be called was investigating officer Constable Seila Shadrack Malaka.

He interviewed Manqele shortly after Habedi's killing and took down her statement.

'No signs of limping'

While Manqele's lawyer told the court that she had sprained her ankle when Habedi pulled her in a rough manner off a pavement outside a Sandton nightclub just hours before she stabbed him, Malaka denied seeing Manqele limping.

"She would be lying [if she said that] because when she came into the interview room, she did not show any signs of limping," said Malaka.

"She was walking fine as far as I could tell."

Manqele appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate's Court days later where she limped into the dock.

Malaka said he could not dispute this as he had been outside the courtroom when Manqele was led into court from the police cells.

Meanwhile, her medical records which could have been an integral part of the case have gone missing.

Manqele had been treated at the Alexandra clinic shortly after the incident.

While she had admitted to using glass to slit her wrist after realising Habedi was dead, her lawyer alleged she had also sustained injuries close to her naval.

It was not immediately clear where the cut had come from.

Malaka said he knew only about the injury to her wrist and the pain around her abdominal area.

Norman Makhubele for Manqele, tried to accuse Malaka of shoddy police work.

He claimed Manqele had told him she wanted a lawyer present while giving her statement.

Malaka denied this and said Manqele indicated she needed a State lawyer for her court appearance, and had agreed to give the statement without a lawyer present.

The case resumes on Tuesday.

Source: News24

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